Guys, how do you feel about being kissed on the cheek by a girl you like?

If a girl were to kiss guy that they like on the cheek, would that be a little too much or too forward? And if you like the girl, how would you feel about getting a quick kiss on the cheek?


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  • A kiss on the cheek is a great way for a girl to make it clear that she's interested in a guy, without having to worry if she'll come across as overbearing. It's really hard to get offended by a kiss on the cheek, even if you aren't interested in the person who gave it to you. Then you can just write it off and not respond to it, and she'll get the hint without any awkwardness. Or, if you enjoyed it, then you can give a nice smile and she'll realize that you enjoyed it. Definitely a great move for a girl!


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  • I would LOVE it if more girls did that XD

    You know in those old bugs bunny shows, when the guy gets kissed and goes into that dreamy state thingy when the hearts float around him and eyes slightly lowered? That's sort of what its like, but we can hide it pretty well XD.

    A kiss on the cheek by a girl you like is even better, but that's a good sign ( or we take it as one) that she would be interested in a more complex relationship, so be careful who you give it to =P.


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