Should I give him closure?

So there's this guy I have been seeing and he is so hot and cold. I've talked about this before and he said he doesn't know what he wants. Well it's been over 4 months and I'm fed up with his behaviour. So I unfriended and unfollowed him on ALL social media accounts. Is it better for me to do this and just leave (without saying a word) or give him a quick message telling him why I'm acting this way?
The thing with this guy is that we actually had an it's complicated relationship. One day he's kissing my mouth and the next he's cold & distant. One day he's all romantic and flirty, the next he's ignoring me. It's a pattern with him but i now wanna withdraw from it all and debating whether i should give him a quick message something along the lines of "its not working out.."


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  • You've been separated for so long. The feelings of lingering is something that goes beyond scientific understanding, but honestly, this isn't your issue. You tried to help him, tried to level with him, yet he still couldn't make up his mind. But what you didn't realize is that he did make up his mind. If the answer isn't yes, it must be no. And if a guy can't make up his mind about you, he isn't for you because you deserve a guy who is true and solid in his decision making about the girl he likes or loves. This doesn't apply to what to get for dinner, wall color, or children names. It may feel heartless, but this is on him, not you.

    • I mean me and him definitely had a thing more like one of those "it's complicated thing." We even like made out with each other a couple of times and such...

    • So I guess I should ask, are you looking for close?

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  • I would give him closure if he hasn't gotten the hint already. He may not know what he did wrong. Although it may hurt his feelings it's better than just disappearing. I once had a guy who would only talk about himself, his muscles and how all the girls want him and I couldn't stand it. One day I just stoped talking to him and he didn't leave me alone until I told him why I wasn't into him.


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  • I think it would be most mature to just let him know you're looking for something else in life and just wish him well and leave it at that.


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