Should I contact him or not waste time?

I've known him since high school and I used to have a crush on him. he used to flirt with me but I do remember him being mean. it didn't go that far because he liked other girls. Fast forward to now and he came to my work and tried talking to me but I couldn't talk to him much so I messaged him on Facebook and gave him my number but I never heard from him for five months. I got another job and his dad came in and then the next day he came in so I'm guessing his dad told him I worked there. He tried to get my attention but I ignored him and acted like it was nothing because I was upset that I had given him my number and he didn't do anything about it. Two weeks ago he came in again looking for me but I wasn't there.. I need help on what I should do about this. I like him but I don't know what his intentions are. I feel like he might be lonely and he's looking for attention but I'm not sure😔 I also don't know if I should reach out to him and how because I don't have his number or Facebook but i do see his Instagram. Should I contact him or not waste time?


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  • There is always opportunity in action. If you think he's worth it, then you shouldn't just block him out completely. Two things. First, doesn't he have your number and has he tried to call you, or is he just showing up at your work? Second, do you want someone who will chose you second?

    • I messaged him my number on Facebook to contact me and he didn't reply back. Yes he shows up to my work. No I don't want to be second.. He's a pretty smart guy and he goes for what he wants I'm just concerned. What do you think? Should I leave it alone?

    • I think your instincts on this one are sharper than mine, and you were right the first time. If a guy likes a girl, he will make it happen. It was clear he didn't make it happen when he had the opportunity. Now, he is single and dry five months late. I try to look for the best in people, but I honestly don't feel he's a good one. It's almost like he's at the store, buying things as he pleases. "Should I get some chips? Naw, they'll be there in five months." You are not a second or third choice and you are not someone to be put on hold. He had your number and never called. Sorry, but he is the weakest link, time to say goodbye

    • Thanks. That helped.

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  • You should contact him.

    • May I ask how come? They guy who also replied said I shouldn't

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