I met a guy at camp... I only have few weeks to tell him how o feel about him... What should I do?

I met a guy that I really nice guy at camp! He is really nice and isn't just interested in make-up covered, mini skirt wearing girls. I am 5,3' and have an athletes body, I am 13. He is really athletic and is good at all sports. He has an athletic build too he is about 5,4 to 5,6 . He always talks to me. I have only known him for a few days but we met at camp so I have spent all day with him. I only have a few weeks to make a move. mim not even sure that he likes me. I really want to get his # because I don't want to have to wait another year to make a move. I just feel right when I'm with him. My friend told me that she thinks that he likes me before I said anything about liking him to me! I'm so confused and nervous! What should I do?


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  • Don't get his number and avoid him like the plague!!


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  • Start by saying hi to him. Then introduce yourself.


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