Girls, Is this woman scared of getting hurt?

We went out after talking for a few weeks. We met online and our date went amazing! We conversed back and forth, I made her laugh and she even have me eye contact and asked me perisnal questions. I kissed her and then she texted me after the date to thank me. Our second date was planned but then she cancelled on me as I put pressure on her by acting all clingy one day when she didn't talk to me. She's clearly interested as she kissed me and even contacted me right after the date but now she's distant and aloof and I know for a fact she's super busy! July is a bad month for her she says. I really do believe it based in her Facebook. She always keeps the door open to hanging out in the future but no specific time. She's told me she's been hurt in the past and that she's trusted people only to have them laugh in her face pretty much. She's also told me she's fallen for guys to easily and quickly and can't think straight. Is that a sign she wants to go slow because she's A: scared of getting hurt B: testing me to see how serious Iam about her and C: she wants to get to know me so that our connection deepens? We've basically talked about anything and everything and I honestly think this woman is perfect for me even after kne date but I just hope she's interested. I mean she said she's ok with friends but really what else is she gonna say after I so stupidly put pressure on her by texting her 3 times with no reply. Made me look clingy and made it look like I was pressuring her. For all she knows I could be a player right? I've been keeping my distance and now she's opening up more and we are texting like we used to but I've become unpredictable and I'll text her good morning hope you have a good day and she replies thanks you too and then I wait until that night to t St again. She will reply right away and then suddenly stop. But she shows interest in what I'm saying. What do I do?


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  • Just keep checking in every once in a while with her to see how she is doing. Don't become clingy though, and just make sure you prove to her that she can trust you. I have been hurt in the past and I know that it is hard for me to trust almost anyone now... it's nothing personal just remember that when she seems distant. Good luck to you! :) Hope this helped!!!

    • Thank you! I wasn't trying to be clingy I was just sick and off work for a month and has nothing to do. I want her! I normally continue talking aftwr she replies to my goodmorning text but I didn't today and then she liked all my stuff on Facebook at lunch and then I texted her after supper and she replied right away and showed great interest and then I asked how her day was and I still haven't gotten anything. This sounds crazy but I know this woman is for me she PERFECT so far and I'm not saying that lightly! I've never gone to these lengths for a woman in my life!

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    • Well how do I get that second date? My ego is smashed after the cancellation of the second date 2 times. One vein sorta my fault

    • Tell her that if she would enjoy a second date to let you know when she would like to set it up. Make sure you put a smiley face at the end of the message so she knows you aren't upset. :)

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  • She like you and Yes she is scared of getting hurt, like you said that she tolled you that she's fallen for guys to easily and quickly and can't think straight, just give her time and yes that's a sign she wants to go slow because she been hurt before and she is scared of getting hurt again. Yes she is testing you, to see how serious you are about her and she wants to get to know you bitter so that your connection deepens and to see if can trust you. So just take it slow.

  • Obviously I can't speak for her, as I am not her. However, from the information you have given, it does seem as though she likes you. Because she likes you, she is probably scared of getting hurt because when you like/love someone, you give them the ability to hurt you. (emotionally. anyone can hurt you physically.)


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