Is this a date or not?

So there's this cute girl I just met in of my classes last week. I've never really noticed her before because it's a lecture hall but I saw her on the last day and started talking to her for a bit before class. She sits next to her other guy friend in class but she see pretty much ignored him the entire time and was even a bit nervous whenever I started talking to her. I walked her to her car afterwards but it was only 5 mins away so we really didn't get to talk that much but I thought she was really cute so I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime and she said yes so I got her number.

We're having lunch tomorrow but I'm not sure if we're just hanging out as friends or if it's an actual lunch date. We've only been texting since last week but we've been flirting back and forth for a few days now. And she even asked if I had an Instagram so she could follow me on it. I really wanna know if this is a date cause I really wanted to kiss her but I don't wanna look awkward if I'm wrong. Help please.
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  • flirting to me is a sign that this is not just for friends
    if she's naturally flirtatious though, might be harder to tell

    • I'm not sure 😟 I just met her last week and we just started texting this weekend. But she's a real bookworm and a bit shy from what I can tell

    • if that's the case, i'd say it's more of a date :)

    • Ok! Thanks

Most Helpful Guy

  • I miss-voted. It is a date, but my answer is still the same that you should not be aiming at kissing her on the first date. Because a first date isn't really a first 'date'. It's an interview where you both get to know about each other better and decide if you want to actually date her for real. Then on the second date, or third if you're taking your sweet time, you should kiss her. This will make her feel like you're not just trying to be physical and actually care about who she is as a person. Just have fun and leave an impression with her that you're a kool fun guy and she'll go out with you again.


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  • It's a date but you don't kiss on the first date, that will give her the wrong impression.


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