How to let a guy know I'm interested?

There is this guy and I really like him. I know he is interested in me so I try to let him know the feelings are being reciprocated by smiling and maintaining eye contact with him. Problem is we don't see each other outside of church so I don't have much opportunities to talk to him, even when he are in church I only see him briefly. Apparently I haven't given him the extra push he needs to talk to me (it's either that or he has a girlfriend or something). I don't know what else to do, the things I've done just come naturally. I want to initiate a conversation but I have no idea what to talk about in the short time we see each other. Another thing is he's leaving for college pretty soon and I don't like not becoming friends with him before he leaves. Any ideas? Thanks for answering!
And I also want to add that whenever I like someone, I don't do anything and nothing happens. I'm tired of this happening. Also, is it still worth it to be friends with him even though he's leaving town for school? I will be leaving too, somewhere farther away.


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  • Ask him if he'd like to go out sometime. You're another that expects us to read your mind or signals. Short answer is we don't and can't. Speak up


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  • You should talk to him.


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