Am I being obsessive?

So my boyfriend has been out of town for the last week. Doesn't come home for another week. I have messaged him every day just to see how work is, also to make sure he is ok. For the last two days he has not replied. Since there hasn't been a reply I have been a little worried. I would call him but his hours change. Please be honest!


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  • I feel it might be counterproductive to say, but try not to worry so much. You know him and trust him, so do that. Some people don't feel they have the need to be in contact every single day. Especially if he's out of town, he's probably focusing on whatever he's doing. This would be a good time for you to give him some space so when he does come home, he'll actually miss you instead of feeling smothered with you messaging every day. (It's really nice that you do message him. Last girlfriend almost never messaged.) So just stay kool and wait for him to message you. You'll be fine


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  • Yes I would be worried too. You are totally not being obsessive.


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