Is it bad to like your best childhood friend if he hasn't dated anyone and you've never heard him tell you if he liked someone?

I like my friend I've known him since 5 th grade and were in 11 th grade now. He's never dated and he can be described as the loyal , trustworthy and geeky guy. I've always confided in him when I need someone but I starte liking him. is it okay for me to ask him on a date? I've never seen him or heard him say anything about a girl and I don't know if he wants or would consider a relationship right now...


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  • No, not At all


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  • he honestly probably likes you too lol. just afraid to make the first move. I've been in this situation far too many times. just go for it.

    • to haha thanks , but it's so hard to tell because he doesn't flirt or give off any vibe. The only thing he's ever done was look down my shirt "accidently "

    • yeeahh its just honestly kind of scary for some of us guys. doesn't really mean anything, I've gotten over itn ow but it just all seemed so much more serious in highschool. I don't know just remember that if he's freinds with you he probably has some kind of crush on you for sure. you guys will be cute together just go for it

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