The sad thing is?

everyone just wants to find one decent person to feel comfortable around. were all just too scared. i feel like i could fall in love with most girls honestly, unless theyre just a shitty person (obviously). I wonder if girls feel the same way. I don't know.. We just make it so difficult for no reason. I wish I could just get everyone to chill out a little bit and let their gaurd down and just see what happens.. yes, we'd all get hurt more, but at the same time we'd all probably have a better chance at true happiness. I don't know maybe im just naive. what do u think? asking both girls and guys
yeah it seems like we just kind of make relationships more than there out to be. if you like someone why not go for it? ya know


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  • I feel almost the same way I get what you're saying and scared is a big part of why I don't have anyone how can someone like you when you can't even open up to them


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  • There is a line between the world that is and the world that should be. People still have choices and people still have the ability to make mistakes. It's painful, but that's the best way to learn is from our mistakes. Of course it would be better if people could see the whole picture, stop fighting so much, stop being so selfish and think of others, but that is not this world. Don't misunderstand, people are innately good, but the world with all of it's struggles makes things difficult. People are always fighting for the next best thing, something to elevate them, even do terrible things for the resources of this world. That involves their relationship with people.

    • yeah i know.. I've always known. i just wish people could actually keep their eyes on the big picture instead of just glancing at it from time to time. makes me sad that we dont.

    • you said it brother

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