Deal with a girl who is already in a relationship?

I met a girl... talked to her for 2 months and found out that she has a boyfriend. And it's not going to workout sadly, but I'm upset... how can I get over this situation?
She also mentioned that "I was too late" so... should I totally give up on her or still keep in touch with her? *what if they are not stable?


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  • I know it's very upsetting when you see someone you love with someone else. In my opinion, you should back off a bit because you don't want to ruin their relationship. I suppose you can still stay friends but don't try too hard and don't talk to her that much. If you really like/love her, then you shouldn't give up on her and you should wait for her. If she has problems with her boyfriend, you can try and help her but don't try and take that opportunity to date her. If they break up, don't immediately ask her out, see how she reacts.

    • Noted... but I don't know, I see things common between us... we flirted but she didn't tell me that she has a boyfriend... untill I figured out. But even then I didn't ask and finally she said it that she has a boyfriend.
      Now she saying that she don't want to stop simply because she enjoys talking to me...
      But I will back off... Its better ☺ thank-you for your opinion

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  • how is her relationship with her boyfriend.. ?

    • for one and half years... It's hard to compete I guess... I'll just back off...

    • yeah.. you should...

  • If she already told you "its to late" it indicates, she might have dated you if she was free, but for now she does not want to leave her boyfriend or take a risk. She probably likes you. Otherwise she wouldn't talk to you, but it looks like her relationship is stable. If she liked you a lot she probably couldn't help but cheat on her boyfriend.. Just my opinion.. Or how I'd act probably.

    • Yeah... even I thought the same... we have lot in common too... I mean with her, its like she is my funny bone...😂 she is different...
      But yeah I can't compete with the guy...

      She said that now that it's too late but we can be best friends... But I will not sweat on that too... I guess...

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  • It hurts when someone you like or have a lot of respect for is with someone else. But if you truly care about them, you need to let them be happy with this other person. With that said, if she's alright with it, you could stay in contact with her. But let me be very clear, that you are not there to grab her the moment they break up or take advantage of her when she is having problems with her boyfriend. You are a gentleman and must respect her. I wouldn't give up either, but you do need to move on. She's clearing doing what she needs to do, and now you need to do what you do. And if you stay in contact, a little ways down the road, "oh you're single too? Well we should go out sometime." will look a lot better than, "I hated him anyways, lets go out." I know you'll do the right thing Anon.

    • yeah... I will never stand a chance to be with her... I get what you're saying...

      She once said that her boyfriend knows that I'm talking with her and that she is happy talking to me...

      But I don't want to be her second guy too... so I will back off...
      Thanks for the answer. 👍

    • You're very gentlemanly of you to express such truth. Most guys are so unrealistic and would have told me by now that the moment they should break up. Worse, ask me how to get her after that. Thank you for not ruining my perception of my fellow bros

  • You can keep in touch with her As A Friend, don't try to steal her away


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