Do girls respond more to texts that has a purpose, such as an invitation to hang out in comparison to a text just to start a conversation?

What I have noticed is that a female friend of mine whom I have worked together with in the Zology lab at university for more than a year is more responsive to text where I've asked her to hang out with me. Although she had a boyfriend from the very beginning. We still hung out one on one a couple of times. It was great getting to know her and we've agreed to stay in touch since we would be taking different units this semseter so we would not being seeing each other every week anymore. So after three weeks of no contact, I texted her to see how she's doing, and I got no reply. Now I know she's busy with her studies and she's a babysitter at the same time so it's understandable. It's been 24 hours and no reply, so I think she might be blowing me off. So I've decided that if I want to stay in touch with her, it's better to meet in person, so I might reach out to her again after three months which will be the end of the semester and the starting of the summer break to ask her to hang out again. Do you think this is a good idea?


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  • I'd suggest you to forget about her. I doubt anyone is that busy to respond to one message.


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  • i think this rule differs from gal to gal... coz every person thinks in a different way u know...

    anyway this one must be a bad texter assume... she can't handle convs via text i guess and she prefers to meet someone else in person... and yeah better text her again after she's finished wid her studies ;)


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