This girl suddenly became cold to me?

Tl;dr I flaked (not what I wanted) and now she's cold

So I've been talking to this girl now for 2 months, and things were looking really well. About 2 weeks back, I asked to go with her to a school carnival. She said ok but wanted her friends to come along too. No biggie I thought, maybe she just isn't that comfortable yet. However throughout that week I noticed that whenever I spoke to her in person her friends always laughed and start teasing, and although it doesn't bother me I thought it bothered her especially if she didn't reciprocate my feelings. As such, the day of the carnival came and I didn't meet up. All I did was talk to her for a short while and that was it. I didn't want to put her in a possibly uncomfortable position where her friends kept making fun. After that, she's rejected me twice when I asked her out, granted they were last minute requests. Whats weird is she asked how my day was the second time she declined. I noticed that her texting way has changed too; last time she would continue the conversation but now she just acknowledges what I said e. g yeaa hahahah ikr. She hasn't spoken to me in about 3 days
Am I thinking it wrong? Cause I feel like something is definitely wrong. If so, how do I apologise and make amends?


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  • it's not your fault. There's no need to apologize. She just doesn't feel the same. If a girl likes you, she would text you herself. Seriously, don't do anything. If you really like her then ask her if she feels the same way about you. Yes or no, at least you know the answer and you're free of that confusion.


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