Am I trying to hard?

I met this girl who is from france and i have just been talking to her now and then for a few months if i caught her in my path or sometimes i would go downstairs to chat to other people including her. one day as i was talking to her i asked if she wanted to go grab coffee over this weekend coming. I asked her last week. She agreed. and I made it clear that i asked her to get to know her better.

I text her now and then maybe 2-3 times a week, i got her number 2 weeks ago. Sometimes she would respond other times she wouldn't. if she didn't respond to my text, i just left it until i saw her again. when i do see her i just chat to her about anything. she generally tells me about her family and that they crazy (in a good way) I just ask mudane questions like whats your sister like and so on so forth.

She was working on her laptop and she saw me coming and stopped working and i jokingly said if you busy i can go. she said no don't so we just chatted and that. But I don't know if I am trying too hard with her?


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  • It sounds like she is Not putting you on her Au revoir pay no mind list and with her and you starting to cook up something that might be Special, just go easy with your own flow, Joe.
    Nurse and nurture things at a nice pace and see where it might be heading. So far I see Not South but if you continue to Over think anything, she might sense your tense and Bon voyage she will go.
    The Best kinds of relationships start off as Friends so when you see one another, no pressures, keep it light and sweet, and who Knows... Someday Cheri.
    Good luck. xx

    • What do you mean by this "It sounds like she is Not putting you on her Au revoir pay no mind list"?

    • It means she is Not ignoring you.:)) xxoo

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  • I think what you've done is fine. By your story, I cannot tell if she has feelings for you or not. To make sure about that, you can either highten up your frequency or switch your style of approaching her. But again, do not force her or anything, do not expect too much, let it flow.
    Personally, If a guy approach me, if we were not friends before and I started with no feeling for him, I expect him to text me just for a while, ask me out one time, call me, and seek for another chance to ask me out again. Then, I'll be surely taking action about this because I have been made clear about his intention and known him a little bit. Then if I start like him, I'll have no hesitation anymore to ignore his text or call.
    Again, different girl has different style. But mostly, if we start with no feeling, we expect the guy to be more proactive in a gentleman manner.
    Good luck!

  • You are doing fine.

    Maybe she doesn't like testing. Cur down on that and hangout with her in person.


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