What's the best way to fall out of love/lose feelings?

I'm in love with a girl (well infatuated with anyway - she almost certainly doesn't love me) and I know it could possibly lead anywhere as I'm a client/customer of hers. So what advice do you have for losing the feelings I have because driving me insane. Is avoiding her the best bet? Or would talking to her maybe lower my feelings if I could find something wrong with her?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Avoid her as much as you can so your poor vulnerable heart doesn't get 'Sick' with the "Love plague."
    It sounds like Unrequited love here, dear, and the less you meet, the easier to Greet her on whatever given day. It will be back to business as usual and it will make it All Better for you Both so you can end this madness And... Sadness.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Move on and focus on someone else or just plain up front ask her out for a drink. If you are going to avoid her than it has to be completely

    • I can't ask her out it'd be inappropriate as I'm a customer/client of hers.

    • Well you will have to decide what to do about it then

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What Girls Said 3

  • You can’t pick and choose right now, and it’s great if you can get into a friendship one day, but until your feelings have faded, you need to take some distance. This is absolutely essential.

    Stop checking her social media, don’t ask friends about how she's doing. You don’t have to be a jerk about it, and you can politely let her know that it’s best for you to take some time away from her. It’s important that it’s said and followed through with regardless.

  • Get ride of the " "almost" certainly not in Love with me" ;) once you are sure of her feelings towards you, you will be able to move on :)

    • It would be inappropriate to ask her though as I'm a client of hers.

    • Then how about getting out of the "client" circle? If your job with her will be over soon take that chance and ask her out for a dinner but if it will take a long time then maybe just try the "are you free this weekend?" trick and make your job with her as an excuse like you want her to show you something or I don't know it depends on the kind of job you have with her :)

  • Avoid/Distance yourself from her. Staying close to her will only bring you pain.


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