Scared of meeting his friends, help?

I met this guy at college and we've been dating for about a month. Its going really well but he wants me to start meeting his friends. he's a little older than i am and we get along really well but we have been described as " he's metal as fuck and your so disney" and everbody at college thinks its cute.
However that also means me and his friends are going to have nothing in commen and what if they dont like me?
I just want some adivce for when the time does come:/


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  • Focus on the most important thing, you're dating him, not his friends. You know him so just voice your concerns in wanting to make a good impression and he'll help you. I remember when one of my girlfriends was meeting all of my friends. She was super nervous because her English skills were really poor at the time. So I met with all my friend before hand and threaten to kick their ass if they made her feel out of place or awkward. Honestly, it was a night to day change. They almost acted like English gentlemen and were on their best behavior. If a guy cares enough about you, he'll get his boys in order and won't need to show off in front of them.


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  • Oh just be yourself I'm also scared when I'll met parents of my girlfriend, but I'll just be who I am. If they won't like me, fuck it. That's who I am.

  • How much older?

    • he's 19, although i know some of his friends are older than him

    • That's fine. Just be yourself. It's the best thing :) You're dating him. Not his friends.

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