Has anyone here dated a sex worker? Or been a sex worker who's dated?

So basically does anyone have any experience relating to sex workers dating? Any advice Or issues you you encountered?
  • I have dated a sex worker
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  • I am/was a sex worker and I have dated while being a sex worker
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  • I haven't dated a sex worker though perhaps I might
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  • I haven't dated a sex worker and I never would
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  • I am/was a sex worker but didn't try to date
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  • See answers
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Anyone have an opinion on this?
Any views on this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I've never dated one, but I would, as long as they weren't doing sex work during our relationship.

    • So it wouldn't bother you if that was in someone's past?

      As for someone currently doing that is it concern about diseases that would stop you or would it seem like cheating for them to do that?

    • It wouldn't bother me if it was in someone's past, no. They didn't hurt anyone, and I don't think that sex work is a bad thing, so it isn't really something that's going to affect our relationship. But I'm not really willing to share my partner with random people, so it would feel like cheating for them to do it whilst we're together.

    • Fair enough, thanks for answering.

What Guys Said 1

  • no but the first prostitute i ever got had a boyfriend and told me. lol i felt bad for him but fucked her anyways


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