If a girl tells you personal things on a date?

On my date with this girl she was telling me some personal stuff. For example she was telling about how she went through a depressive episode in junior high and about how she doesn't really have a good relationship with her mother. She also mentioned how she doesn't stick around with the same group of friends too long because it gets weird. I thought these were some personal things to bring up. Is it bad? We have known each other for a few months so it's not like we are strangers.


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  • She maybe feels a connection between you two :)

    • Like in a romantic sense or a friend one?

    • Hmm... I am not sure but she trusts you and thats a good sign!

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  • Because she feels comfortable with you and trusts you

    • Is that usually a bad or good thing as far as like trying to be romantic or is she looking at more as a friend thing?

    • It's a good thing she trusts you. She has confidence to tell you personal stuff. And any good relationship must have trust. You haven't been friend zoned. She really likes you

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  • If you're on a date and she's telling you this, then, yes, it is a good thing. Also, don't worry too much about analyzing everything. I know it's tempting, but just try to enjoy yourselves as you continue dating.