When one person is more social than the other; how do you merge lifestyles?

I have a guy friend who has called me and we talked for 3 hours. His newest beau of 2 months has many friends; more than he does. He more or less is surrounded by her world of friends and he is a bit more reserved. When they go out it sounds like her friends are always around. By the time they get home they have all been drinking and then she just wants to go to bed. He told me he feels left out and like a third wheel and wants some alone time with her as well. She tells him that people do not change. Several of her friends in her circle are ex boyfirends and some are family that sound like they have made her thier world as they do not have a life themselves. Is she being disrespectful or is he just being jealous of her friends? He told her "he wasn't ready for a relationship" but really meant that he feels like a third wheel


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  • I just chill at home, she goes out and I don't mind.


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