Girls, Improving myself for her, wanting her back. Opinion?

Okay, here is some details about our relationship thus far:

Currently Not Together.
We are both professional people, good careers and when it comes to hobbies, we are pretty in sync. The things we both like we really love to do, and things only one person likes the other is usually easy going on joining in, or least trying.
We were set up together through my best friend since she worked with him, because we had a lot in common. She is very fit, six pack and all and very attractive to me. Me however? I am a thinner guy, who works a psychical job that for about two years had me on a bad health diet, so I grew some love handles..

We were seeing eachother for about a month and everything was going fine during the honeymoon phase (the fact that neither of us had been with another person for a couple months might have let us look past a few things). Now remember, I had been single, so my wardrobe and a little hygene was on the "Decent" side. So she wanted to fix that up real quick, and I admired her knowledge in such things, being back to greatness has really helped me out. She also wanted us both to start eating healthier and work out, like I said... I was gaining weight, 10-15 lbs/year. Again, I didn't really like the look of my stomach that much either so I agreed.

She wasn't sure about her feelings about me, saying it was a stressful part of her life. Fighting Depression and such. Well, I like her very much, so I decided, It was time for me to stop being such a slob and be a man she deserves, that I would fight for our relationship. She seems interested, sometimes, seeing my drive and commitment, saying things like "I dont know if I can find someone to love with my faults, I hope you are the one to change it" She has said she loves my personality and I am a wonderful boyfriend, she doesn't know if she can love.

Thing is... I know I can, and not by working out and getting back my good form. By easing her into it if she is so stressed about it... I want to make her fall naturally?



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  • Ask yourself if she would do that much and go so far for you. If she would, go for it, and I wish you the best of luck! If you don't think she would, I would say that you should try to become a "better version of yourself" for YOU instead of for her.
    Good luck! xx

  • Try doing slight romantic gestures a flower and some funny words perhaps stuffed bears if you go to a carnival or something keep it slight then open your horizon more and more


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