Just met a girl, but I'm moving in 2 weeks?

I just met a girl 3-4 days ago, and we've been hanging out a lot and showing a lot of affection to each other, morning texts and holding hand etc. but I'm moving 9 hours away from here in 2 weeks!! She already knows this but it doesn't seem to discourage her at all in her advances. I know for sure that I don't want to attempt a long distance thing especially after just meeting her.. I have a hard time being gung-ho about us because I'm the type of person not to just date/hookup with someone for fun, I do it because i see a future with them, and we both see an end to this already. Should I break it off early to avoid emotional investments?


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  • Just enjoy the time you have with her.
    Don't hook up or anything (since you disagree with that aspect).


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