Is this a hook up or something more?

Meet Patrick: Super cute jsut turned 27 year old guy from my gym who has been staring and making eye contact with me (im 23) for 8 months. I can tell he wants to talk to me and I've ALWAYS wanted to talk to him but why has it taken THIS long? Can I just know his name at least? I break the ice one day when his workout partner isn't there. he's super smiley and chatty. I get his phone number and for one week we text continuously every day almost every hour. He says good morning and goodnight beautiful. he's pretty awesome! We find out we have a lot in comman. We both ride motorcycles, we both workout, we both love extreme sports. He starts mentionting the word date here and there and saying he can't believe we are finally talking. HUGE smile from me bc I feel the same way. He asks me to hang out. Is this a date? I wouldn't say yes bc he said hang out! We ride our motorcycles to get some food and then go back to him and his families place. We chill in his room watching a movie. I'm not the kind of girl to have sex let alone kiss on the first time hanging out... but then it happens. he's jsut way too amazing and I don't want to say no. The chemistry is pretty awesome, even he says that. I stay the night and go to work the next morning. A little bit of quiet awkwardness the next few days but we still chit chat. We hang out a few days later... When I show up its not just him and me. Its him, his best friend and uncle. Oh hello there! o. O I felt like sucha tagalong the entire day. It was really weird... We end the day having sex again. :/ Uhoh, whats happening? I text him the next day saying " Thanks for letting me tag along. I had fun." Patrick" you werent tagging along. i loved having you there"... It really didn't feel like he did so i dont know how to take his words. The chatting the next week becomes a looooot less. I start feeling bad and thinking maybe I messed up and gave myself away to easily. :/ Ugh why? That weekend I take one of my guy
That weekend I take one of my guy friends out for his birthday. I pay for everything. Its definitely not a date. Patrick finds out (he asks what Im up to and I tell him), he seems a little jealous. He gets a little upset and asks if im enjoying my hot date which we then start to argue a little bit about. I tell him I like him and want to get to know HIM. He says he's interested and cares too. Sweet! right? Wait maybe not because well a few days later Patrick and I are supposed to hang out.
He bails on me to work on his boat that needs fixed. :( What? Not even an apology? We had plans! :/ We talk about it through text since its obvious im not happy. We kinda work things out? The next day we decide to make up for it. Im suppsoed to meet him at an awesome sandwich place and then go riding our motorcycles together. I text him when I get out of the gym and what? Another change of plans? I show up and find out im there with him, his brother and best friend and Im at a bikini bar.


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  • hmmmm eye-contact for 8 months non-stop isn't a little thing u should know... means he was interested all this time but he was nervous talkin to u.

    anyway if u had sex so quickly and u weren't ok wid it from da start (u say u dislike sex by 1st time hangin-out) u should've mentioned. basically i believe he should've asked u himself... u just didn't say no coz u didn't wanna hurt him which's very kind of u... but unfortunately this guy wanted u for sex and only it seems i'm afraid :(

  • He sounds like a typical dunderhead. Just move on before you get too attached.


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