Guys, He keeps making conversation? Does he like me?

I stopped seeing someone recenty.
Last week he spoke to me again, we met up and he told me he missed me etc.
Since thne he has kept on speaking to me.. Even though I love speaking to who, I couldn't help but think that he feels obliged to talk to me becuase we slept together recently, so I have started replying one word answers or quite bluntly to see how he reacts, yet he is still replying, still asking questions about work/my day etc.

Does he potentially want to start seeing me again?
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  • I think yeah. Most guys would move on from a person they casually slept with but if they persist the way this guy does, he has feelings.

    • The conversations aren't as cute/romantic/lovey like they used to be, and the conversation does feel forced sometimes, but surely if he didn't want to speak to me he wouldn't reply? However he has told me he doesn't feel like he can commit to a relationship so I am confused? Help!!

    • Oh, then this is definitely just him trying to sleep with you some more.

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