Should I enjoy it while I can?

o me and my boyfriend have been dating for over an year secretly and my big sister found out and she wants me to break up cause she thinks I m too young well that is true I guess since I am just 13 she wants me to concentrate on studies for now the relationships can wait for when I am 18-19 and she said that if he really cares for me and loves me wholeheartedly he will propose too me and wants me to tell him to wait for me until I do something with my life and our family doesn't really like us having relationships.
so ill be going away from where we will and movi g to another place and I have about 6-5 days until so should I break up with him Now or should I wait and enjoy it?

sorry for the complicated question


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  • I don't think you should allow your sister to dictate your life choices. it should be your decision whether or not you end your relationship. Especially if you feel capable of juggling both school and your relationship (possibly future ones) But, to answer your question I would say to enjoy it.


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