How do bring up the issue of the guy I'm dating hanging out with his ex?

I started dating this guy at the beginning of the month. We've been on multiple dates and talk/text everyday and he seems really nice. we aren't official boyfriend or girlfriend so I know I don't have much say on who he chooses to hangout with. I'm a pretty laid back person anyway and he has the right to hangout with whoever he wants. I knew he still hung out with his ex, a girl he had dated throughout high school. I didn't really mind and it makes sense they would still be close seeing as they were together for several years. However my best friend recently told me she'd been seeing them hanging out a lot together. My best friend is friends with the roommate of the guy I'm dating. One night when she was dropping the roommate off she saw his ex was over at his place and this right after I had left after hanging out with him one night. his roommate even asked his ex if she and him were dating and she said no and that she new about me, however the guy currently said he was single Which like I said before I know we are not official but you're not really single if you're seeing the same girl almost everyday and taking to her everyday and offering to take her on dates. the guy I'm dating made it seem like he on occasion he saw her and usually it was because they had the same group of friends. However my friend said he hangs out with her a lot more than that. I want to address him about it but don't know how. I wouldn't mind him being friends with his ex or any other girl the thing that concerns me is the fact he might be dating her and in that case I'm not ok with it. I'm not going to compete with someone else for his attention. I want to ask him about this and I thought about asking him to meet up somewhere to talk about it. Should I just say I know he hangout with his ex and I'm ok with them being friends but then bring up the stuff my friend had seen and let him tell his side of the story and let him know I'm not ok just being a casual date on the side and that if he is serious about wanting to date he will let me know what's going on instead of me having to find out that he could still be dating his ex from one of my best friends. I'm not my at my friend because I know she's not making anything up or just causing drama, she genuinely cares and doesn't want me to get hurt.


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  • I'm not sure if a month is long enough for this to come up yet. You're still getting to know each other. If you TRULY become more serious, then I would talk to him about it.


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