Signs he might actually like me?

I've been texting with a really nice guy for several weeks now.
how can i tell that he's genuie interested in me?
and is the usage of emojis in texts an indicator of if or how much he likes me or not?
and how can i make a guy ask me out over text? (i'm currently not in the same city as him)
when i was in London we actually wanted to meet but he was always busy with work (though he apologized genuiely for this), he gives me his honest oppinion when i ask for it and it just feels really good to talk to him.. but just because i like him he doesn't have to like me back so how can i tell for sure?
what are some of the big signs he'd like me?
how could i try to let him know that i enjoy talking to him and that i like him? (we've been texting for over a month now)


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  • The thing about signs is that there are no certainties. One person might send smiley faces as a sign of interest, another person might simply like using them. The fact that he writes you on a regular basis is encouraging though it will always be more difficult than if you were to live close to each other and interact in person. I think it's not too bold of you to say exactly that you enjoy talking to him and that you like him. Go for it! Best of luck!


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