Girls, What do you think it would be like to date Drake?

Okay, so I know this question is a bit silly but I'm honestly curious lol...
In case you don't know... Drake, A. K. A. Aubrey Graham, is a rap artist who started out as an actress on a show called 'Degrassi'. 'Degrassi' is a show geared towards teens that has been around for generations and it has really played an impactful part on culture due to the serious issues it addresses. I'm curious about what it may be like to date Drake because he's not like your typical modern day rap artist. He's very clever, utilizes rap as a form of poetry, and isn't afraid to get vulnerable with his emotions similarly to the way Tupac was. I also think it's pretty cool that he's not actually from an impovershed place like the hood yet possesses the empathy and mental capacity to understand and construct stories which exist there. His highly respecful self-presentation during interviews in contrast to his bold, assertive confidence expressed in his music gets my panties wet and intrigues my mind. I don't know lol this question is for fun... Ladies, what do you suspect it would be like to date Drake? Get as wild and inventive as you'd like :)
Aubrey's role on Degrassi as a popular kid who was shot by someone that was picked on after wrongfully being set up for setting up a cruel prank.


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  • I think he'd be very cute and his personality would be amazing. But he would probably cry during sex?


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