Explain in your own way why you think that 20 percent of guys get 80 percent of the girls is either true or false?

Obviously it doesn't work that way in marriage but im talking about in high school, college and then up until your 25 years old.


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  • It's true.

    This doesn't apply to all girls of course, I personally don't go for looks.


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  • The pickiness of girls helps to make sure they get the best DNA possible to be the father of their children. Whereas even with men having the lower standards we have, more often fail to reproduce at all. Meaning that in order to help men not miss out on our chance to reproduce, men have evolved to be far less picky about who we are attracted to.

    Guys are generally attracted to the body parts of the girl, more often than we are attracted to the actual girl. Women on the other hand will be attracted to the guy, and not just his body parts. For this reason women are pickier than guys.

    Guys find the female body more beautiful than girls find the male body to be. As a result it takes an exceptionally attractive guy to be as attractive to a woman, that an average woman would be to a guy. This is also why most girls consider anything below a 7 to be an insult. These women consider anything below a 7 to be unattractive in men, and assume it works the same way with our standards.

    Once a woman hits 25, her looks start to go, and she often already has kids. At this point she becomes more desperate for a committed partner. Then she will settle for a less attractive male, to raise the children of the men that she really wanted to be with, but didn't want her, because he was too busy having sex with other women. During this time the other 80% of guys have a small window of opportunity to impregnate the female.

    • Seriously, take a walk around the block and look at couples, are girls really picking the best genes lol. I think we both know girls are no better at picking guys then they are at picking the best toenail polish lol.

    • Guys suck at telling when another guy is attractive. Often the uglier we think a guy is the more women will find him attractive. Also it isn't just about looks that determines the best DNA. It is also about their personality as their mental state also has a lot to do with their DNA.

      For a woman the "best" DNA is the traits that kept our ancestors alive thousands of years ago. This are the traits that turn her one, over the traits society tells us women should want. Which is why more girls would rather have sex with a guy like Tarzan, over a guy like William Shakespeare, or Albert Einstein that society looks up to. Even if all three men looked alike, women would be more attracted to Tarzan, the brave protector and provider that makes her feel safe.

    • Think about how men use to have to be in the past. Grabbing spears, and attacking nearby tribes. Hunting down and avenging their tribes against criminals. Getting violent to keep people from stealing food from their families mouths. We have evolved past glorifying violent men like that haven't we? Well no, we haven't changed at all.

      Today we call those men soldiers, and police officers. Just think about how women still love men in uniform. Why? Because these men are protectors and warriors exactly like the men in the past that women would gravitate towards.

      This is also what I meant by women being attracted to the guy, instead of just his body parts, the way men are attracted to women. Our ancestors, had a different problem, and that was passing on their genes to anybody, before he died. The men in the past couldn't afford to be as picky, and so any fertile woman could turn him on.

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  • It is true. Girls compete for the top 10%. In fact, I don't remember where but there was a statistic about some 60% or so of men only mating and having offspring, while 80 and above % of women had offspring.

    The basic fact is simple - women get men far more easily than the other way around.

    • Yeah but isint it weird how girls say its not true. Like the only girls who dont get dates are the real ugly or fat ones. Why dont they see it but we do.

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    • It would hinder their victim mentality lol

    • Precisely.

  • I think there is some truth to it. It happens because those men make a move and have good social skills. And I think also that a lot of women mistake their boldness for confidence, when it's really just arrogance.

    • In my opion, its the outgoing guys who get all the dates. Attractive guys dont get as much pussy as other guys think. I see gyys who are kind of ugly with no money but have great social skills drowning in pussy.

  • Because girls are incredibly picky. Biologically speaking, they can afford to be picky, because they can get a date easily. Because of this, they tend to be more selective.

    • This is correct. Don't really have a lot to remark on this.

  • It's possible. I'm bisexual, but even I'm a little more picky when it comes to guys.

  • I doubt that's actually true. It would be if there were no obstacles, actually it would probably be worse 90% of the women would reproduce with 10% of the men but in actual practice it doesn't work out like that.

    • Of coarse, but when it comes to just dating and sex and not having kids, i think chicks go after tht cohert.

    • Yeah I'd bet if you plotted the lines for number of partners women would be more of a slope and men more of a hockey stick..

    • Yeah i think your right.

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