What trait do women find most important in men?

I been using some online dating sites and I have found out women are very picky when it comes to there men. Which of the follow trait do you favor more in your man?

  • Prince Charming looks
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  • Be extremely funny
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  • Be taller then 6 feet
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  • Physically fit
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  • Wealthy
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  • Of course there are some base requirements, such as being at least the same height as me and look decently attractive to me, but after that it's all personality.
    I met my beau on okc, and honestly he was only a 5 in my eye (he's horrible at selfies) but he was so damn confident funny and interesting I just HAD to respond however resentful it was lol. Obviously I was a little cold and bitchy but once I actually met him I didn't want anyone else.

    Good luck, I've been with my love for nearly a year now. :)

    • Jeez that's awful. I wouldn't even stay with a woman if she told me she thought i was only a 5.

      That's like ASKING to be cheated on. I'd rather just leave.

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    • Oh, well sorry for the assumption. You never mentioned that you found him more attractive when you met him.

      But still, why is it that him being less good looking automatically equaled you being cold and bitchy at first? That's hardly fair to treat a guy like that just because he was less attractive. And what's the point anyway?

    • Honestly it was uncalled for, which is why I called it being bitchy.
      That and it was my way of driving him off, I really meant to decline his advances but he was just too interesting... I mean he did manage to get me out on a date despite everything?
      I suppose this just proves however much we would like to pretend otherwise humans are still shallow. But it also says if you put in enough effort it isn't that hard to win a guy/girls heart? I mean I got messages from guys who could be models, but they just weren't as sincere and interesting.

      All in all I didn't really plan how it all went down, but I'm happy now, and I gave him plenty of apology bjs when i told him this.


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  • Out of these I'd go with extremely funny. I don't care about height. As long as he makes enough to support himself I'll be fine. Prince charming looks and being physically fit are nice and all but they're not nearly as nice as a guy with a good sense of humor.

  • oh my god online is so bad for salary, i can't believe they put it on there i do feel sorry for the guys on that... actually i noticed one girl put for salary in a partner: $100000+ lol.

  • I couldn't care less about over 6 feet and wealthy, but funny, handsome and fit are definitely advantages.

  • Fit, Intelligently funny, good looking, but there also has to be some substance to him, lets just say i know it when i see it.

  • The ability to catch and kill game with his bare hands. Even better if he hunts with his teeth.

  • Damn, it's like to choose a car by it's color... What about his intelligence and stuff?

  • For me, he has to have brains. Be a smarty pants Lol


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