Almost set a date but crush doesn't reply?

We set a date for tomorrow afternoon but she suggested to move it for tomorrow due to hot weather. I asked when exactly and she didn't answer. I texted her again after 5 hours. She read it again but didn't answer. Now how the fuck am I supposed to know if we'll go out tomorrow or not? I dont want to make her wait... but why doesn't she talk now?


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  • listen just show up when y'all scheduled and don't text her it will build anticipation and show you are confident

    • what if she doesn't show up? the place is 30mins from my home

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    • That sucks bro but for future renference don't follow up just tell her when and where you should meet and show up don't except flakey answers if you get one reschedule it sounds like she's giving a flakey response so be patient and reschedule until you get a definate answer girls think this way trust me good luck

    • okay thanks

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