Do people really use Tinder to date/hook up?

I have been using it for a while but only for the purpose of seeing what type of girls would be interested in me but I always hear stories of so and so happening over tinder.
To me it feels awkward even after matching to ask a stranger to meet up or anything like that.

What are your thoughts or what do you use it for?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't even know what is Tinder O_o

    • Haha, it's a phone app that shows you photos of others people which you would then decide whether you like them or not and a match would be when two people give each other a like. From there you can either talk to them, unmatch or just leave it.

    • Lol. This sounds like a matrimonial website mixed with Facebook.. Wth O_o 😳😳😳 hahaha xD

What Guys Said 1

  • Tinder's fun. I've gone on dates from it. Once you start chatting it's no different from any other dating site.

    • I think it might just be me being antisocial or my age group lol

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    • You're probably right but then it's just to see how it all works since I'm more interested in education over dating girls at college

    • College is about more than just academic learning - it's a transition into adulthood, and part of that is relationships.

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