How to go about making contact online with girl who was easy to meet in person but more secure online?

i meet this girl at bar a while back and talked to her and her gf's several times and we all seem to have a genuine connection and interest in the bar scene. however i had wanted to make contact online a bit as well , i allready added some of her gf's on twitter and saw she had a page too , although its privacy protected and i have to request to add her. i just talked to her last week and we seemed to get along and she seemed interested in me. i'm just not sure if i should just try and add her and like say hi or something and see if she replies and accepts request? her gf's might also be jealous that i added her and not sure how they will react to this action?


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  • Just do it (nike)
    If she rejects you then maybe you are her moped

    • I added her last night and she accepted the request , however doesn't appear to use twitter much so might not be a great way to stay in touch with her

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  • if u mention who u r on twitter i don't see y she won't add u... u've got good connection in person as it seems. also reason she might've had her profile private's probaly she just wants to avoid any creeps stalkin her page

    • yeah I did it last night and she added me back soon after , however it doesn't appear that she uses the site much so it might not be a useful way to contact her and she didn't follow me back so she won't even see my posts

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    • not really sure I also saw she had an instagram page but I don't have an account or a cell phone with type of aps you'd need to get it.

    • eh ok... anyway if u get along in person guess it's not a "must" to ad her in her SM

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