Would you yell at your boyfriend for this if this happened to you? Also was it a need to be so sensitive?

My girlfriend has this old car and the battery always dies in it. Last night she was going out with her friends and told me to charge her battery before she left. I would usually charger it for 30 minites but i forgot too. By the time she got ready i went to go jumpstart her car and leave it chargering for 8 minutes. So i said she should be good for the night.

Well i get a phonecall from my girlfriend at like 12:30 am and she is all worried and i asked her if she was in trouble and she said her car would not start and she was scared and alone and all that stuff. I told her it's no big deal and i will come and help her.

Today she was telling me how something could have happend to her and she was scared cause all her friends left and that i lied to her. She got a bit mad. Ok in all honesty was this something to argue over? Would you be scared if you were stranded and night time? What do you think of this?


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  • I would have been scared and upset but I wouldn't have yelled at you for it


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  • ofc i would be scared but nah i would yell at my ma gurl, you get me fam?


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