No luck on tinder?

So I posted pictures on here and people said I was about 6-7/10.

I've got attention from girls (not loads, but at least a handful whom I've been friends with, so who knows how many others who I haven't spoken to) but I get no luck on tinder.

The pictures I've used are good too.

Are girls really that shallow on Tinder that they'll only swipe if you're the best thing since God?

I should probably avoid dating things as I'm only 22 and am surrounded by young people in my life.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Anyone really using Tinder seriously anymore? Because I think it's pretty dead now.


What Guys Said 1

  • Tinder is not the most amazing thing when looking for a relationship. Most people on it just want to meet people or have a quick fling. If you're looking for an actual relationship, I suggest meeting girls in person or at least use a real online dating program. But, if you really are hellbent on having success (whatever that is to you) start be swiping yes to every single girl. This will give you a better option of girls who do like your picture. As for the picture, get one where they can see your face, not a selfie. Then make sure you're outside or doing something fun. Rock climbing or out in nature is good. Make sure you have at least two pictures, and make them good and fun. This is all they get to see to make a decision, so sell yourself good. As for the bio, keep it clean and to the point: Premed working for such and such hospital. Snowboarder and travel addict. I hope that helped. Again, I encourage you to meet girls elsewhere but no judgment if this is what you're into. Good luck


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