Girls, would you cry so much over a guy you don't love?

so, i met this girl 4 months ago she had a boyfriend at the time, her relationship has been in a horrible place, her life was a mess. i came a long as what she described me i was an answer from god for her prayers i helped her out in many ways and i was always there for her..2 months after she was like im falling for you i love the girl too but i couldnt handle that she was still with her boyfriend i gave her time to figure out what she want
2 weeks ago i told her in 2 weeks you got to choose either me or him i can't continue this way, we met yesterday and she was like i can't lose you but also i can't leave him after 4 years for someone else.. i was like you leaving him for yourself for your own happiness you wouldn't be here if you were happy with him anyway she couldnt choose she was like i need 3 more days.. she cried so much and broke down i never saw anyone that would cry this much..
im really confused, what should i do? is it normal for a girl to cry so much for someone she doesn't love?


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  • I'm sure she is torn, however I think you are going to lose here. She probably knows that she should want to be with you because you will treat her better. She probably wants to want to choose you. But she probably won't. I'm just trying to prepare you for what I think is the inevitable. I think if she was strong enough or liked you enough it would have already happened. She's just stringing you along because she doesn't want to lose you. But she doesn't want to lose him more.
    I really hope I'm wrong. I'm sure you'd be a great boyfriend.

    • she was torn and i don't blame her it is stressful, and i can understand its hard after you invest 4 years into a relationship but she know her relationship is ending she was like I'm losing either way and i can't imagine my life without you.. she says she loves me and i can see it through her eyes. she works so much and she always scrafice sleep and all her free time for me.. i really hope she does the right thing and choose me to be honest i don't think i could move on without moving to another state.. thank you for your honesty tho i am expecting the worst anyway the weird thing after our talk and she asked for time she can't stop texting me and she planning dates which is after the decision day which making me even more confused. i feel like she was the only girl i loved as an adult it felt so real.. is there anything you recommend me to do?

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    • I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you decided not to do anything crazy to her. Never talking to her again is the best revenge anyway. Honestly if she messages you don't reply, it will hurt her more then any response you could ever give her. Give yourself time to grieve and know that time will heal your wounds.

    • everything happens for a reason maybe its best for me at the mean time I'm just gonna focus on me, school and work and yeah I'm not willing to respond cause i really don't wanna go back to the same hole. i thought of revenge cause i was hurt and angry but i don't think i can ever do such thing. thank you so much and i hope this wound heal quick never trusting anyone with my feelings.. after 5 years of being single started with a horrible experience maybe i should not look just let it happen :)

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  • If she was crying buckets for you then she is probably torn. I think being her friend and not putting pressure on her is the best way to go. We never know how another individual feels inside. They can tell us, but we will never know what that feeling is to them.

  • I think she just feels obligated to her boyfriend for whatever reason... Its like her heart is telling her to go with you but her brain is telling her to stay with her boyfriend. But if I were you I would make the choice for her and explain to her that you wish her nothing but the best and just walk away from this situation all together.

  • She probably just feels obligated to him, and actually wants to be with you. Give her time. Tell her its her choice and you'll support her either way.

    • this what she said, she says she sees her future with me and can't imagine her life without me and i understand her point where she said she can't leave him after 4 years for someone else i respect that.. i was like you leaving him for your own good for your own happiness cause if you weren't happy you wouldn't be with me..
      he wasn't there for her, he doesn't satisfy her i understand sex isn't everything but she says its the best sex of her life so much passion, he is too cheap with her while I'm so generous just the way i was raised, he doesn't support her school journey i do since I'm going through the same... i told her i respect your decision and i won't argue it but if it was him i can't be part of your life cause if i really meant as much as you have always told me you wouldn't be able to let me go... do you recommend me to do anything? i gave her another week until Thursday..

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