Did he not have a good time on our first date?

I just had a first date with a guy I met online. We talked and had beers for 31/2 hours. I thought that was a good sign that he stayed that long. We had a good flow of conversation and he payed for the bill and even wanted to stay to talk for a while. Then he hugged me to my car and said something I forget exactly but to text him sometime and we could arrange something. I got home and said thanks for the drinks I had a really good time with you. He replied good I'm glad to hear. I was hoping for him to say I did to or something. Is this his way of letting me know he didint have a good time or am I reading too much into it and he could still be interested.


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  • There's always that question in the back of your mind, did things really go well? I'm not going to just say yes or no. So lets analyse the behavior. You meet him from online, which is very strenuous on a lot of people to meet someone from practically thin air, yet he decided to meet you. Then, rather than just throwing down one beer and thanking you for meeting him, he stuck around for almost four hours. I value my time, and who I spend it with, extremely well. I barely like to spend more than a few hours with family members or people I like. This is a very good sign that he is defiantly interested. Then, in a very gentlemanly fashion, he payed the bill. I take it he didn't make a big deal about it since you didn't reference this behavior. He just did it and was happy to. This isn't even a real first date, this is just a first meeting, and he paid. Then he gave you a hug. Now, I want you to look carefully at the fact that he did give you a hug. Not a handshake which says (It was ok to meet you) nor did he try to kiss you (because he is more respectful than that). He hugged you, to break the touch barrier and show you he was interested. Then you went home and texted him. I can't emphasis how much guys hate texting. Most guys. And more to the point, he texted you back. If he was not interested, he would ditch your number then and there. But not only did he text you back, he didn't make it into something that it isn't, a big deal. He's just trying to play it cool for now and not overwhelm you. I'm certain that he would have loved to spend more time with you, or even talk to you on the phone, but you need to let love take it's course. And great love takes time. So now I will answer. Sorry for making you read so much by the way. Yes, he did have a good time and is very much interested in you. And you are reading into it too much, but that isn't a good thing as long as you don't do anything crazy when overthinking. It sounds like you guys should be going out again, soon I suspect.

    • Thank you. That was an amazing response and put my mind to ease.

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    • Sorry to bug you again. There's one more thing I can't get out of my mind. Before our date I asked him how many pof dates he had been on. He said three. On our date he asked me about my experience online and what made me choose him over other men. He also asked me why it didint work out with other men. He told me for him he just felt one girl was too basic and the other one they just had nothing in common. I felt we had a good date and good conversation but for some reason this made me question why he would twll me this.

    • Remember that those other girls he went out with are exactly 'exes', so I can only conclude that it was his way of telling you (in not an obvious way) that he chose you over all the other girls. He was trying to compliment you and express that he found you more interesting than all the other girls. You did ask him about his dating history so he told you, then took it to the next level. At least, that's how it sounds if it really happened in that order

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  • You're reading too much into it. It sounds like it went fine.


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