Are some people just not eligible to date?

Recently I have been thinking and after hearing about a recent study this question came into my mind... Are some people just not good partners for anyone?

The study pretty much looked at male video game players. What they found was pretty much that guys who made more sexist comments to women while playing video games were more likely to suck at the game, and guys who were good, tended not to make sexist comments towards women.

On top of that you always hear about guys who get mad and angry towards women in general when he can't get a date and the typical thing I hear is that women are being stuck up and only go for the bad boys.

Now I know that some people eventually learn and become nicer as they get older but there has to be a point when certain guys don't outgrow that tendency to view women in a bad light.

After saying all this I will return to the question.. Are there some people that are just not good partners?

I'm torn on this, I think some people really are just bad in relationships. (especially if they are mean or sexist). But I don't want to say that they can't find a partner.

p. s guys can give input on what makes a woman a terrible partner.


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  • They are called emotionally unavailable


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