Am I over exaggerating since were not even dating? & also should I text him telling him we should talk in person bout what we have?

Me & this guy have a thing forcalmost 2 months & the reason why he hasn't asked me out is bc he's reallly busy with work & has practice to go a lot but he still tries to come see me & he does like once a week or something like that which it shows he does care. But at the beginning of what we had i felt like he texted me more & now he texts me but sometimes he goea days without texting me & ik he's busy bc sometines he gets home late , other times i see him on instagram & snapchat but he still doesn't text me. I don't know if im over exaggerating since were not even dating. Also he hasn't liked my pictures for like 4 weeks, so i decided to go like his pictures & comment on one of them bc I thought maybe he wanted me to do That first, so i did & he still never liked my pictures so I deleted my comment. Iknow he sees my pictures bc he's always liking other ppls pictures but not mine, ik that sounds childish to u but to me it kinda seems weird. But anyways i want to text him rn & tel him if we can talk but in person. Bc i want to talk to him about what we have & to see if he still wants to like try things out & all bc i feel like i have the right to know or am I being too pushy? Should i not? PLEASE HELP MEEE IT WILL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME. (Btw im 15 & he's bout to turn17)


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  • I think it's a great idea to talk in person about your relationship. If he isn't willing or won't answer then you have your answer and move on

    • Thank u soo much for helping , yeaa i need to talk to him

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