Guys, What does it mean when a guy talks about his Ex girlfriend being attractive?

Okay first he calls me on the daily, or texts. We slept together.. And I've know him for about 3 months but we are not in a relationship. The other day he told me that his friends and his brother where talking about how his last girlfriend was really attractive. Then he's turns to me and says "your really beautiful" I felt like... Why would you say that? What was the reason it was irelevant and I don't want to get compared.

I mentioned to him that this girl at work had a boyfriend make a grand gesture and sent her flowers to work, after I said that he's like "I'd never do that." I just felt like.. Okay but I wasn't asking what you would do.. It was a turn off.

Not it sure what I should do? We are really close and talk about anything.. But like at the same time he has really strong points of view and I find we don't really level with our ideas.

Looking for for any advice!

how would I back off if this guy is always texting me? Should I talk to him?


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  • It doesn't sound like you're compatible in the communication dept. Good luck


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