My ex started texting me?

Me and my ex broke up about 5 months ago, she met some other guy pretty quick and is in a relationship with him, we have not talked in a while. Out of the blue she texts me that she's mad i forgot her birthday and then send a followup text asking me why I'm "ignoring her" why is she doing this?


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  • ... That's just silly. First off, do you WANT anything to do with her? If not, tell her so. Tell her you didn't say happy birthday because she's no longer a major factor in your life. What about her not saying anything for 5 months? Friendship, or whatever it is she wants, is a two way street.

    If you have nothing to say to her then just simply tell her that. I'm guessing she just assumed everything would carry on as before which is also silly. However, if you DO wish to stay connected, simply apologize. Though if it were me, I'd still call her out on not contacting me either...

    Hope that helps.


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