What's a good number of past relationships?

I've had a little fck around relationship in high school (broke up with her senior year). Then I met a girl at 19 and we were just friends with benefits at first but it turned into a serious relationship and we dated till I was 22 and recently broke up. Been hitting up tinder a lot and this seems like the first go to question these sloots are asking. Don't want her to think I'm a forever alone and I don't want her to think I got baggage because of the on and off 3 year relationship. Looking for that fine line in between. Been out of the game for 6 months now. by the way OP is 22.


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  • girls actually ask that on tinder?

    • not in the msging but usually first date yeah.

    • 2 would probably be a good number

      what would also matter would be how long they lasted so ideally one of them would have been close to a year in length

    • 3 years 2 long to mention?

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