Do highschoolers with college students ever work?

I've seen multiple situations where people in highschool (mostly girls) are in relationships with guys that are going to college. Unless the guy is really ugly, will these relationships ever really last? It's illegal, but it's possible right? More than likely the guy will cheat, unless they're too ugly to cheat. But... Have you even seen relationships like this last? Highschool and college students combined to make a relationship.


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  • It isn't very common and don't suggest it or endorse it but maybe if the two had already met in highschool, and he goes on to college while she's still finishing highschool, it could see that happening. Remember, no two people are alike and no two relationships are exact, so any is possible. One more more thing, I'm not certain where you got this perception that ugly people can't cheat and only good looking people do, but it is false. It is the human heart, not the physical appearance of a person that leads to cheating. It might be harder for someone who is less attractive, or easier for someone who is, but you can't damn someone based on their appearance.


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  • I've never seen or heard of one working out. There are too many differences and imbalances.

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