Should I Tell Her?

My neighbors in my apt bldg have been friends now for over a year and we have cookouts etc together. I will watch there 9 year old son from time to time. I am 26 and have a boyfriend (not live in) and my neighbors are in there early 40's. Wed evening Carol had taken there son downstate to her parents where he will stay until they go there for Christmas. Any way shortly after she left Don came over and asked if I would like to go get a sandwich with him. I did and had a little wine to boot. Well when we came back to the apt I went to give him a kiss goodnight (not the first time) and he put his arms around me and it went from a peck to a passionate kiss, that led to him fondling me, and fingering me. It felt good and we ended up in bed together for the night. Carol got back yesterday afternoon, and I almost had a hard time talking to her and I feel terrible for what I did. Should I sit down with her and tell her what happened, or just let it go and stay away from Don when Carol is not around. Would feel terrible if I was the reason for a break up.


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  • Don't say a thing. This is NONE of your business. Don't do it again. Stay out of it. You should not be interfering with other people's lives.

    And maybe next time a married dude kisses you, you should stop him. ESPECIALLY before his finger somehow ends up inside you.

    • What do you mean it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS? It was my business I let him into! What if he is doing this with other women? He stuck his thing in me without any protection, how does he know whether I have an STD or worse which he would have taken back to his wife. What do you think his reaction will be if by some chance I am pregnant? IT'S VERY MUCH MY BUSINESS

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    • OOPS that was a typo. Of course I intended to write:

      What happened between you and him is 100% your business, what happens between his wife and him is NOT your business

    • It is your business he fingered you. Congrats. You say NOTHING to his wife. Their relationship is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. That's what I meant.

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  • Your what we call a home wrecker. You will be the reason for a break up if she finds out hope your happy.

    • Really!!!!! I suppose I just stood in the hall outside our apts, grabbed his hand and shoved a finger in my p**y all by my little self. Then drug him into his apt and proceeded to undress him and me and stick his penis where his finger was? All the fault of little ole me!!!! That poor innocent man! How could I ever take advantage of him like that!!!!!!

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    • And how is that not your fault. It's simple you let him have sex with you, at any point in time you know before you had sex with him, or even let him kiss you could have said no. You are a home wrecker simple as that.

    • Well your both to blame here. him for cheating on his wife, and you for doing it with him when your supposed to be friends with his wife. it seems nether of you loved the other and it was purely physical. I feel really bad for carol and her son. if I was you I wouldn't say anything and I wouldn't see any of them again.

  • Let it be a one-time-stupidity.

    Let it go and stay away from Don when Carol is not around will be the wisest thing to do.

    But really stay out of his close vicinity when there are no witnesses.

    You would indeed feel terrible if you were the reason for a break up and a relationship with him will lead to big problems.

    • Make no mistake about it; This was a very stupid one time thing only and I have absolutely no asperations of a relationship with him. Hell my boyfriend is just someone to do things with and have sex with, and neither of us thinks it is any kind of a relationship! I am also leaning towards the let it go idea, and just be careful around him.

    • That's for sure.

  • If you have no feelings for him you should just not say anything and DONT DO IT AGAIN! if you have feelings for him then let Carol know and be a home wrecker.


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  • so, from what you wrote and your comments you:

    1. hooked up with a married guy.

    2. didn't use protection.

    3. cheated on your own boyfriend.

    And now you want to further it by ruining their marriage? do not tell her and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BOTH OF THEM!

    It's both yours and his fault. He came onto you... and you did NOTHING to stop it. Uou could have said "excuse me... what are you doing..." or said "no." Plain and simple.

    Stop treating other peoples relationships so carelessly. you said that your and your boyfriends relationship is more of a FWB.

    "Hell my boyfriend is just someone to do things with and have sex with, and neither of us thinks it is any kind of a relationship"

    Not everyone else's relationships are like that. So don't assume that it's ok to mess around with a married man just because he hit on you...