Why do they keeo coming back?

So my girlfriend (16 almost 17) and me (18) and very much in love, and mostly very happy. But her ex and two guys she made out with keep coming back and messaging her and stuff... They're bad people, she used to be sad and had little self esteem but that's changed and she now see's how bad those guys are and wants them out of her life. I always get upset when they text her because it's always sexually and mean to her. She's blocked their numbers, their facebook, everything, but now two of them are having their friends message her. I am starting to think I should maybe contact the police? Is that too extreme at this point?


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  • This is a grey subject for me because i'm obviously a little older but i remember this happening a lot when I was in HS. Young boys (14-20ish) treated women much differently than Men for the most part. Obviously that's not the case with ALL young men but you see a lot more of this type of thing. They treat girls as objects and once they have had any type of relationship with a girl, a lot of them tend to think that gives them the right to say and do whatever they want to the girl. This is not alright.
    Where the area becomes grey to me is this. When I was in HS and a girlfriend of mine (Or even a girl FRIEND) was being harassed by a random boy or an EX, I would track them down and have a firm but respectful talk with them about leaving said girl alone. Most of the time, this would stop the harassment. When it didn't and the guy wanted to puff his chest out, I would just beat their ass. I've never started a fight but iv'e always loved finishing them. You need to stick up for your girlfriend and demand respect for her. Girls like to feel protected and as her boyfriend, it's your responsibility to do just that. Again, It's been a long time since i was in HS and I apologize if this isn't how it works anymore but if it were me, that's what I would do. I don't allow anyone to disrespect my friends or family.

    • I've talked to them. Two said they'd leave her alone (neither one did) the other tried to punch me. So I beat him up... I never start a fight but I finish them. He's the only one to stop messing with her.

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  • i think you need to have a chat with her... its time to involve an adult (I mean older generation as I know you are 18 but this is getting serious).

    The police may just go over and give the guys a warning... may be enough to make them back off but if it isn't there is a whole can of worms and a lot of looking after your girlfriend that will be required...

    • I know. I am getting very worried about her...

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    • Not that I know of.

    • i think you need to maybe get someone older involved such as a parent or family member she can trust... she could be in danger and will need more than you to help her in this

  • I don't believe it is. Seems she is being harassed and this situation should be addressed in an appropriate manner.

  • No, that's the best course of action at this point.


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