What point should I just give up?

This girl and I recently kissed, we were doing great, having fun, until the night we kissed. Since then I haven't heard anything from her.

It's been 3 days.

The first day I texted and called her, the second day I send her a text and today I just don't know what to do.

I know she pushes away when I try to get close to her, but she said she is tired of dating losers, and that she thought I'd make a good boyfriend. I know she might be scared, but unless she talks to me there is nothing I can do. How long should I give her


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  • There is a great chance that she is not sexually attracted to you. The comment you shared about her being tired of dating losers and thought you would make a good boyfriend...it makes it seem like she is attracted to "losers" and she tried to change.

    She pushes away from your attempts to be intimate, is acting freaked out from the kiss...

    sorry bud, you should focus your attention on a woman that has attraction towards you. Or you can try to make something happen here but I don't see it going well for you.


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  • I would try one more time and if she doesn't respond after that, I would just give up. hope this helps!

    • It sounds like she didn't have the same chemistry back, I would find a girl who apperciates you more. Maybe she put you in the "friend" zone.

    • Should I confront her out just forget about her altogether?

    • Cofronting her will only make it worse I think, I would still be friendly to her and not act like it's a big deal, because that won't really solve anything. Yeah, she's just being a jerk I would forget about it.

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  • Either she got scared. Or she mite been busy. But Most likely she thought the kiss was awkward that's why she hasn't responded. That's what I think. But hey who knows?

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • Only time can tell.