Am I a rebound or is this real stuff?

well I have joined college just last year and this guy ..lets call him jack has been wanting to hook up going through my friends telling them he like me and all. at this time I was just trying to get over a relationship and well he was on and off with his girlfriend, I was just not into him really. well it so happen was sick last year and he kept calling to check up but I still didn't give him that feeling I keep pushing him away and he stuck around...weird but ya. well now a year has past and he was still after me I'm over my ex so I decided hey why not give this guy a chance. We have been together he calls and text regular but, most times I'm busy and so he feels away ,this guy is a hot topic a lot of girls like him too just to add people always say I'm a really attractive and my friends say I'm never going ot know if its real love so I always try not to be so available because wih my ex I was always available for him and he screwed me over so I kinda learn something though he still checks up on me but I'm so not into him again. the problem now is for this guy ,jack feelings are getting stronger he says things I have not heard in a long time he makes me feel really good..he just makes me happy. I asked him about his past relationship he said it was six years! on and off straight from high school. I then asked what went wrong he said she had sex with his friend she did it to try an get over I asked if she still calls he said yes she calls him sometimes, irregular. I believe he has dated other girls since..but , I feel a bit iffy he also says he loves me isn't this too soon? he talks to me and tell me how he feels about me always tells me he misses me when am not around and all those stuff I'm loving it. but I need your help is he being real I'm confused maybe am thinking to much because am falling for him even more and I'm afraid to...its like a lock is on me.. but I really want to show him more of me and how I feel which I have been slowly opening up but I don't get the fact why she still calls and I know what he is saying to her, does she know about me and him..iv never asked he once asked me if I told my ex about him but I said no cause recently my ex hasn't asked me but before he use I just said I don't know but he does have friends that come to my college...What am I doing? is this guy being real with me tho?


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