How would you hint to a male you weren't interested?

If you knew one of your friends was into you would you go on a date with them? Would you have tickle fights with them. I'm not talking like a best guy friend. I mean someone who is a friend but not like a close friend.

How would you let them know you weren't interested? I haven't heard anything like buddy, pal, friend. I haven't heard lets just be friends. We have been on a date. Flirty girls please answer as well.


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  • I would not be touchy with him.

    If I knew he likes me, I would straight up tell him how I feel. If he still continues to hope for a chance, (and I just don't feel anything for him) then I will distance myself for a whike until his feelings fades.


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  • Why do you think she's not interested in you? If I had to guess from what you wrote, it sounds like she might be interested.

    A girl isn't going to have tickle fights with someone she hates. She's certainly someone you can talk to honestly. She's not someone who is going to bite your head off. So talk. Even if it's awkward that's OK.

    • Well because a lot of the time when I ask her out I get the I'm busy and have plans for the other days.

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  • "How would you let them know you weren't interested?"

    Not by doing this

    "We have been on a date."

    • That's what I'm saying. Why would you go out with someone you weren't interested in?

  • Guy : Out of my world , gaylord.
    Girl : (If i wasn't into her) Friend zone.