Should I believer her or is she not interested?

The first time I asked this girl out she said she was busy that whole week and maybe another time. The second time I asked she said her family was flying into town for the week so she couldn't (Her family really did fly in from out of state). The third time I asked she said yes and made it very easy. The date and yes an actual date. She even told people we work it was a date. It was fun and we were laughing the whole time. On the date she mentioned how she plans out her whole week because she likes having things to do. She told people at work she had fun.

I asked her if she wanted to go out for a second date and she said maybe she would have to check but she was sure she was busy. I said we could just do it another time and she said "yea for sure!" I do know that she works about 50 hours a week and she did talk about how she plans out her week but should I actually believe her?


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  • She just sounds like a busy girl. I think you can believe her. I try to plan stuff ahead of time so I have things to look forward to so usually short notice is bad for me too. See what happens for a second date. Ask her when she's going to be free again and plan it for then.

    • Thank you! I just don't want to be lead on. She is a flirty girl so that doesn't help. We are actually having a best out of 3 competition thing with each other right now. She mentioned that we could shoot some basketball since she has some time. Is it good or do you think she has friendzoned me?

    • If she friend zoned you she probably wouldn't have gone out with you in the first place. playing sports against someone you like is great for flirty competition so I think you're fine.

    • Alright thank you again. I just get nervous because I didn't know if I was being lead on. I really don't know how to take someone trying to have a tickle fight with me when there people we know are around. Especially when I am the one starting the texting all the time.

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  • yh i think you believe her, you get me fam?


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