Starting to date married/attached women... normal?

i think it's because cheating is normal, and i dunno, i like to set myself challenges and shatter taboo. guess i'm a bit of a maverick at heart.

I know this yoga teacher for about a few years, but she is married, however i've want to bone/date her for a while and want to seduce her. i know it's wrong, but then the way I see it everybody else does it, so i don't get why it's wrong...

how do i get over these guilty feelings?


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  • you should have guilty feelings

    • hahahaha... I like how I'm supposed to have perfect thining/awareness. No human is perfect... duh!!

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  • I hope she tells her husband about what you're trying to do. then he'll beat you and cut off your one inch pecker.

    • haha... one inch, no.

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    • ok then psychic... you have a poor social comprehension... lol... but i believe i am bigger, but that just annoys you, doesn't it? lol.

    • not really. like I said, my husband is able to give me an orgasm every time and he fills me right up.

  • @MadeInAmerica says it best.


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