Why do tall women want taller men?

I see women that are 5'11 trying to date taller men and I am thinking to myself, why not just date a shorter man? I am 6'1 myself and women that are taller than me in heels never seem to want to date me.


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  • Because people have their own preferences. You like taller women and they like taller men. Maybe you'll find a taller woman who likes a man shorter than her.. in heels. It's like me trying to date a boy no taller than 4'11 and that's something I just won't do.


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  • Just gotta play with the cards we are dealt , man. Same height as you are.

    A man of a taller stature is more imposing than one that's short. Generally women want a man that can provide them with a sense of safety where they can feel safe in the big strong arms of the man of their dreams where they know they are safe from the troubles of the world.

    That's a bit harder to achieve when the guy is smaller than she is.

    Of course then there are the dominant types who in this day and age of gender neutrality wants to be the safety gal , so I suppose that's an option as well.

    I don't see that many men who are taller than 6' tho. Just the occasional stick insects with hunched backs. Women hunch much earlier than men do from what I see , at 5'7 and 8 ish , the shoulders start moving forward and if you keep on going up , you can see them literally curling up on themselves.
    Feels like after 6' the human spine just ain't strong enough to hold the body straight any more.

    Unless of course we are talking about the scandinavian master race. Which then all bets are off.
    Those are the ubermensch of humanity lol
    Amazing intellect.
    Superior biological form.

    Luckily for us there are so few of them hahaha or we'll be extinct.


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  • I'dk.

    Taller men just seem more confident and attractive

    Girls like to feel shorter and more feminine then their men and men like women to be shorter to reassure their manliness

    I prefer a taller guy since I am a taller girl ( 5 foot 7 and a half) but it's a very small factor to me

    But yeah if I was a 5 foot 11 girl I would want a tall ass guy. I already do at 5 foot 7

    • yea 5'7 is pretty tall. How tall do you want him to be? and do your heels count?

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    • some women expect a man taller than them in heels as well, which is damn near impossible to find when you are 5'8 or 5'9, if they are four inches

    • Ok well that's just overly picky

      height is not the only factor people

  • Sorry for you. But, me i prefer a taller man. When im with a shorter man i feel like his mom or aunt. It makes me awkward even with a younger men.. Everyone is diffrent i prefer older and taller.

  • Short guys still want to date short girls right?


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  • It makes sense I'm 6'1 as well and nearly every girl that likes me or has liked me has been short 5'2-5-4 and I like short girls. Girls feel safer and they think it's cute so do I...

  • They claim they feel protected. In a fight, a guy being a few inches over someone doesn't mean shit


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